Day of Ash: Recap

Things got away from me, and I am multiple days behind. This means needing to do a recap.

Normally, I would just break this apart into different posts, but I think it’s better to just combine, as there is not all that much to report on.

Friday, that was our normal. Ash helping in the morning by waking me up and pushing me to move. Alerting a couple times as my gut issues started.

One our way home, I had to stop at the store and pick up a couple things for Julie. One of those being Oreos, which Ash carried around the store and also into the house.

Day of Ash: Recap

Saturday started with Ash and the others trying to keep Julie and I in bed instead of getting up. I think they could tell I didn’t feel well and Julie hasn’t been sleeping, yet we had things to do.

Day of Ash: Recap

Yet, we have to get things done. While at Sam’s Club I stumbled unto these large pool toys that are basically mesh bean bags. I thought one would be a good thing for Rico to lay on at night, as he takes our pillows from us while we sleep and lays on them. I dropped the one I decided to pick up, and Ash grabbed it and gave it to me.

Day of Ash: Recap

On our way out, the Girl Scouts caught my eyes and I picked up some cookies. Specifically, I picked up Julie a box of her ever wonderful Thin Mints. When we got home, Ash took them into the house to give to Julie.

Day of Ash: Recap

At which point I got ready for game and Ash got to just be a dog. A couple times he came over and let me know that I needed to get up.

Sunday, oh what a day. A day of I don’t want to move. Yet, we had to get puppy pictures done. That is all about I did that day though, and Ash had the day off as much as he can have a day off.

Day of Ash: Recap

Monday, it’s work day again. Ash apparently knows what days are work days, because again he pokes me to wake up. I stumbled a lot, with Ash helping me keep balance. I couldn’t hold onto anything most of the day, so Ash had a lot of practice picking things up. To the point he stopped handing me some items and would wait until we got to my desk and he would put it on the desk instead.

It was so bad, I couldn’t even get any decent pictures.

Yet, as you can see by me typing, I am doing better today, Tuesday. This means I should be posting daily again.


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