Day of Ash: Wednesday’s Win

Ash had a very good Wednesday, with a win, and a prank.

The morning consisted of Ash poking me in the back of the head with his nose until I woke up. Once I moved, he ran out of the room and went about his morning with Julie.

The drive to work was the normal affair. Him sleeping in the back, with me listening to him snore while I try not to fall asleep myself. Do you know how hard it is to not fall asleep when someone else in the car is sleeping?

Sadly, we just missed the papers when we got to work. Yet, I happened to have his water bottle in the car, so he was happy to carry that in. When we got to the kitchenette though, he saw the soda machine and dropped the bottle. I told him to pick it up, and he did, but then pushed it into my hand. He wanted to be ready to carry my soda. He decided a bottled water from the machine would be ok though, as I decided after listening to the radio on the way in talk about a guy who died while drinking 12+ energy drinks it was time I drank some water. Something about soda being “liquid candy”.

During the day Ash did amazing at making sure I didn’t lose balance. At one point I stumbled standing up and he pressed against my side, pushing me towards my chair. This kept me from hitting my head on the desk as I caught the chair and just sat down in it.

Day of Ash: Wednesday's Win

He also has decided he has to pick everything up unless we are in motion. Which is good, as I need to actually give him more leash so he can pick things up.

On the way to a meeting, he took my notebook out of my hand. Normally he hates holding onto that one for me. When I noticed, he spit it out. I gave him some more leash, and told him to get it. It was flat on the floor, so I expected him to just look at me like I was nuts.

Instead, he spent the next couple minutes attempting over and over to pick it up, and then figured out how to pick it up from the spine. With out opening it. Then he carried it the rest of the way to the meeting with his tail wagging the whole way. That was a win.

On our way home finally, Ash had his head out the window until I got to 45mph. He eventually decided I was going to fast.

Normally, he just gives me “the look” and then lays down.

This time, he walked over to me and touched his nose to my ear. *ZAP* .. Static.

I gave him “the look” and his tail started wagging. He quickly puts his head out the window for a little bit while we are moving, and then touches his nose to my ear again. *ZAP* ..

Lovely, he now has a prank. His tail is almost doing the helicopter, and you can just tell he is laughing.

When we got home, I was so tired there wasn’t much awake time for us. So the evening was just relaxed.


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