Day of Ash: Must Take Dino!

Day of Ash: Must Take Dino!

Today is the day of the dino. First he laid next to me, looking up at the desk where the dino was, for almost 2 hours. As I had him put his feet up so I could clip the leash and head to the meeting, he grabbed it.

I made him leave it at that point, went to the meeting, then outside, and back in. He runs over the moment I am sitting and grabs the dino again, this time bringing it to me.

I take it from him, he sits, I hand it to him, he drops it in my lap.

I set it on the desk, he grabs it, and then drops it in my lap.

Lightly toss it across the cube, and he walks over, grabs it, and then drops it in my lap.

He wants to play fetch.

So, we do a few more tosses and then he goes under the desk with it and lays down.

All day today, he seems to have been trying to make up for yesterday. When we got to work, he saw the roll of news papers in front of the building doors. He started to go to pick them up, before we did his normal morning potty break. I said not yet, and we walked off to do the morning routine.

On the way back, he watched someone else pick up the papers, and he boofed under his breath a single time.

A definite “My job.” situation. Even the security guard said to me that he left it for Ash.

Maybe tomorrow.

This afternoon, we will be working on putting things on the desk again. It went well yesterday, but he is still being picky about the bottle I use to get his water. I think he and I may need to visit a store and pick him out a new bottle. I don’t mind him carrying my soda, but I need to slow down on the soda, and he wants to carry something.


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