Day of Ash: Second Monday

Day of Ash: Second Monday

Ash: Soooo bored!!!

He has been looking up at me, yawning, and then going back to sleep. His ring ignored on the other side of the cube.

When we got to work, he was on a mission though. Straight to the potty spot, then back to the car. Pack on, and now to the door.

Ash: Oh, forgot dad.

Back to the car and have leash clipped on.

Now back to the building door. To the badge scanner. Look up and try to figure out which elevator.

Hard sit while we go up. Pull me to the break area to fill water bottle, then to cube. Almost pushing me into my chair.

I think he can tell my back is really bothering me today.

He isn’t even asking to go out today.

He is also insisting he is right next to me, as you can see in the picture.

Oh, and I have now overheard someone say on the phone “our Ash”.


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