A letter Z.

What does that mean? Who is that? Does it matter? What is Z doing?

Let us start with the second question.

Who is that?

I am Z. One of my first names online was Zolon. For the longest time, online, people called me Z, or Z-Man. I am a middle aged person who has been on the internet longer then most. At the same time, very opinionated and argumentative. Yet, I love to be proven wrong. If I am not learning something, I am dead. My grammar sucks, my spelling sucks, and my view points are not always correct.

What does that mean?

It means I am going to rant, rave, and post odd things here. The domain was actually the idea of my lady. She felt that since I was frustrated by everyone posting something I said without giving me credit, I should put it up here before anywhere else. So, if you wonder if I said something first, see if it is here.

Does it matter?

Nope. Not one bit. Nothing matters in the long run. We are nothing but a blink, a moment. I am going to make my blink as annoying and long as possible.

What is Z doing?

Anything I damn well want. Primarily, I will be using my freedom of speech.

Have fun!