Day of Ash: Been awhile…

“Gimme some sugar, baby.” – Ash in Army of Darkness

So, before I explain why I chose that quote for today, I feel you all deserve a bit of an explanation on why no updates for so long.

  1. Health.
  2. Life.
  3. Work.

Literally in that order.

My chronic pain issues flared, and I was having a hard time keeping focus on anything. To the point that Ash has become an amazing partner through my days, as he has now worked for me on the worst of my days.

Of course, while that is happening life gets real busy. To the point I have even had to cancel a few of my RPG sessions because of needing to get things done. My mood has been taking some mighty big swings through the day, and this is of course not helping things in the home. There has also been a lot of outside the home drama happening, and that tension just pushes me to blow up more.

My fall back when I start to realize I am having these issues, is to throw myself into work. I ignore everything except what I have to do for the job. As I normally do these updates during my breaks, throwing myself into work means I don’t take breaks.

Ash has done amazing through all of this, except with one thing. He chewed a patch of fur off his hip because of blowing coat, and stressing about me.

That actually has started to wake me up and pull me out of the “funk”. Which, interesting enough, seems to be helping him as well.

Well, that and my wife stepping above and beyond in making sure he is clean and groomed. With out her, I wouldn’t even know what to do.

Day of Ash: Been Awhile

As you  can see, he is sleeping the day away instead of fretting over me. Proof things are getting better.

Through all of this, now I will explain the quote.

I’m going to start cutting refined sugar out of my life.

I need to loose weight, as my back has started to cause me to limp, which means more impact on my knees. It hit really bad last weekend, to the point of screaming in pain every time I moved.

My teeth are bad enough because of genetics, but the sugar intake has made them so bad that more than one dentist has asked if I do meth. No joke. For those who are now wondering, no. I have never done it, and never will. To the point I have a hard time trusting anyone who has done it, because I have seen the worst of what it does to people I used to call friends.

My wife’s health. If I am slugging back the sugar around her, it makes it all that much harder for her to change.

Like when I quit smoking, this is the biggest reason.

To not take care of myself, is selfish. As it leaves a mess for those I love to clean up.

Now, I am only talking refined sugar right now. No artificial sweeteners is already one of my life rules.

Fruit and veggies as a source of sugar is still a go. Yet it will be a treat, not a staple.

Items that have sugar as part of their creation, like bread, is still “OK” as well.

Don’t even think I am giving up my beer. It is still a goal of mine to start a brewery.

I am talking candy, soda, processed foods, and anything that also comes with a ingredients label that has things I would have to look up to understand.

Yes, I am sucking on a 32 ounce Dr. Pepper right now. No, it will not be my last one.

My deal with myself is simple.

What I have on hand, is all I have.

So, the four 2 liters of Barq’s I have at home. Still going to drink them.

The candy in my desk drawer here at work. Still going to finish it off.

The brownies mixes we have in the cupboard, those too will be used.

None of them will be replaced. Which means I will be “spreading them out” over time.

Of course, there will be a cheat now and then. Those will be my cheats. Tonight is my last “binge” though.

That is when the 5 days of cold turkey starts. After those 5 days, I will have a small cheat. A piece of candy, maybe. A 4 ounce mixed drink using some of the root beer. That’s it.

Every 5 days, I can have that treat.

For one has to enjoy life, in moderation.

I sat and added up my “normal routine” of soda and candy I eat in a day and figured out I am ingesting 1.2 cups of refined sugar in that alone. Not including foods, or anything I have after I leave work.

That is disgusting.

So, expect updates on this journey to quit the refined “evil”, as well as more Day of Ash updates.

Oh, and really good news. The contract agency I work through, was informed by the client I am placed at that they are hiring me on as a permanent employee. I just have to finish out this contract.


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