Day of Ash: Tired Tuesday

So tired. Even Ash is saying I am tired. He jumped on the bed and laid his head on my chest, and fell asleep. Instead of getting my tired ass out of bed.

Still trying to get over what ever it is I caught.

When we finally got out the door and on the way to work, it was just like any other morning.

At work I got my soda, and Ash decided to carry it to my desk, as normal.

When we got to my desk, he set it on the desk for me, and waited to have his leash and pack taken off.

We hardly moved at all, that is until I decided we needed a break at around two.

While out on break, I noticed somthing shiney in my passenger tire. The dread started to sink in. As I got closer, Ash noticed I was not heading back to the door and stopped next to the car. He braced so I could use his to balance against while I bent down, and confirmed my suspicsion.

We have a nail in the tire.

Two hour drive, one way, and I have a nail in the tire. It was in there for some time, as the head has been ground off.

I get inside and ask one of my coworkers about getting a tire patched, and he tells me about a company called Tate Boys here in town. I call the company, and they say to bring it in, and the best part; It will be free.

After work, Ash and I take the car over and go inside. Which gets the whole place into a buzz, because there is a dog inside the tire shop. No complaints.

We did get a few; “Is that a chow and husky mix?” type questions.

While waiting the hour for them to fix the tire, I took Ash’s pack off a couple time so he could say hello to people.

Overall, I like the shop and the people. One of the ladies in the garage part apparently has an alert dog that sits on her shoulder while she does her job. That got Ash’s attention and showed me we need to work more on the “ignore it”. His focus left me once he noticed, and I had to snap him back a few times.

On the way out we had to get gas, as is normal with such a long commute.

Day of Ash: Tired Tuesday

On the drive, Julie talked to me on speaker phone for awhile and Ash was tilting his head back and forth trying to figure out where her voice was coming from.

Once home, I handed my thermos to Ash, and he rushed inside. Started this grunt sound when Julie didn’t take it from him fast enough.

Of course, he gets outside and as it was raining, he stops cold before touching the grass and just stands there.

I hope I can get him to do his business in the morning before we leave, or tomorrow will be interesting.

Julie and I sat and watched an epsode of some night time TV, while I enjoyed a Coffee Stoute from a local brewery.

Then we all went to bed, where Ash insisted on cuddling for a bit.


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