Day of Ash: Quiet Thursday

Last day of getting up early. Ash bouncing from the bed to the floor and back, as he is now used to getting up this early. Please, make it stop. Oh, make it stop. I just want it to be quiet.

Running a touch late out the door, thankful that Ash already did his business, we hit the road.

Once at work, hit the potty area, and then notice the papers have not arrived yet.

Get upstairs, get my morning soda, and fill Ash’s water bottle. Ash decides he wants to carry his water bottle this time. Yet, as it is bigger than the soda, it’s also a bit heavier.

Day of Ash: Quiet Thursday

Which means a few stops along the way for him to set it down, and regrip.

Working our way up to normal lunch time is quiet. Very queit. As there is some big things going on at work for actual employees, and as a contractor I just have to sit and make sure things don’t break.

Ash sleeps under my desk, all morning.

Lunch comes around, and I’m so wrapped up in something I miss it. Ash pokes me in the leg, so I at least take him outside, but also because he knows I have not been moving enough. I know it’s the not moving enough because he didn’t rush to get his pack on. He almost laid back down after I stood up and sat back down.

Little bit later and one of the ladies down the cube farm way stops by to say hello to Ash and talk with my co-workers. Ash is happy with this, as it also means he can go say hello to the rest of the team.

Just a bit after this happens, boss instant messages me to come to his office. So I rush getting Ash’s pack on him, and we make our way there.

Ash wags his tail when he sees my boss and then lays down. I’m still a bit paranoid, because being called to the bosses office always seems like a bad thing.

Turns out, he just wanted to know what it would take to convert me from a contractor to an actual employee.

I will just leave that there and not go into details. It is amazing news though.

After that conversation, we realize it’s time to go anyways. So Ash and I walk back to the cube to pack up and let the co-workers know I am heading out.

It is time to get gas again, and while I am filling up I decide to take a quick picture of Ash with out him knowing.

Day of Ash: Quiet Thursday

I always get a kick out of him when he sits like that in the car.

On the way out of town, I have to stop by Tractor Supply to pick up some puppy supplies. Ash has decided, even though he is wearing his vest, he doesn’t have to really work. Even more so when he hears the baby chickens and ducks. A couple corrections and he starts acting like a service dog again instead of sniffing everything in the store we walk by.

At one point in the commute I get stuck at a light for a bit longer than normal. Pull out my phone and take a quick picture.

Day of Ash: Quiet Thursday

This is how he normally lays in the car the whole way home.

Day of Ash: Quiet Thursday

Apparently I hit the shutter button more than once.

When we get home, I turn around and take one last picture.

Day of Ash: Quiet Thursday

Of course, he is in the sitting posistion again.

I hand him my coffee thermos, and he carries it in to Julie.

Rest of the night is him just laying around with the pack and being a dog.


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