Day of Ash: Wacky Wednesday

Wacky. That word in of itself is how Ash was all day. Wacky.

Alarm starts the day off. Ash this time up and ready to go. He is running all over the house while Julie is getting him ready and I am trying to get a bit more sleep as the neighbor’s dog barked non-stop from 6pm until.. well… It was still barking when I was pulling out of the driveway.

As I started to hobble to the front door, Ash suddenly spun around and ran all the way to the back of the house. I stood there waiting, trying to figure out what he was up to. Next thing I know he darts out the front door and I noticed something was in his mouth.

Julie said he could take it if he wanted, so I just let it go. He even went and did his business holding it the whole time. Hopped up into the car, and well.

Day of Ash: Wacky Wednesday

Stuffy went to work today. Yet I didn’t let him bring it inside, as it is one of the ones that has gotten well loved while outside.

When we got to work, Ash hopped on out and went to the bumper to get his pack on. Completely throwing me off, so I almost didn’t remember to take him across the way to potty. I say almost, as I got closer to the door I saw the truck that delivers the papers and that for some reason reminded me.

On the way back to the main doors, Ash grabbed the papers and in we went. He set them on the counter, but it was a different guard today, so Ash just set them down and hopped off. Guess he has opinions.

When we got upstairs we went and got my soda and he carried it back to my desk.

Day of Ash: Wacky Wednesday

The rest of the work day was normal, until it was time to go.

While I was busy shutting things down, Ash took advantage of not having his pack on and went and said hello to the Marine. He really likes him, and the Marine himself started getting more “chipper” in tone.

When we got to the car finally, after taking his pack on and working on “wait”, Ash started to jump in and spotted his stuffy in mid jump.

He pounced it, half in and out of the car and just sat there with his tail wagging as much as a keeter can wag his tail. I told him again “Up and in” and he literally crawled his way in so he wouldn’t risk losing his stuffy.

Told you, it was a bit wacky today.

When we got home, he bolted inside with the coffee thermos and almost went past Julie who was sitting in a chair next to the oven. He slid to a stop on the floor and spun around trying to hand her the thermos. Of course, he was so hyper it took a few tries.

He did eat all his dinner, but I wasn’t feeling well. So he didn’t get puppy time as Julie was feeding the puppies at the moment I decided I needed to go to bed.

I think his stuffy is still in the car.


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