Day of Ash: Tricky Tuesday

The early mornings are starting to make the days a bit tricky to remember. Things are starting to blur together, and even Ash is out of sorts until we get moving.

This morning, Ash didn’t even jump into bed when the alarm went off. It wasn’t until Julie took the gate down we use to keep the pack in the bedroom at night that he decided maybe he should get up.

I’m going to take a quick moment here to thank Julie for trying to be a “morning person”. She makes sure I have my lunch and coffee in hand before I head out the door. Something she doesn’t have to do, and I am greatful she does. She even makes sure Ash has breakfast and a chance to do his business. This morning, she even put Ash’s ear cream on him for me while I got ready.

When we got outside, Ash ran straight to the car and said he was ready to get in and go. As soon as he got in, he layed down and was back to snoring.

When we got to work, Ash was all work. No hesitation, or anything. He was even putting a touch more power than I thought we needed while walking. That is until I stumbled and the tension caught me. He really did know better than I what was needed.

Does remind me I need to get a wider collar for him to use as a working collar. I don’t put much tension on the white pine, but I want to make sure when things like that happen, the tension is spread out more. I’m not to the point of needing a harness on him yet, but I have one and we will be practicing that this weekend. Yet for daily work, that white pine, which I love, is just too thin.

WP_20160216_001 (2)

He loves to work though and doesn’t think anything about the collar.

During the morning meeting, boss man went to sit down right next to me, and stepped on Ash under the table. Ash just looked at him, and boss laughed and then said he always forgets Ash is going to be under the table.

I cringe when people say things like “Remember Z has Ash.” at work, as that means they are making accomidations above what I requested in order to work around me. I prefer to make sure I am working around them, as I see equality as giving me the same chance as anyone else.

They love Ash though, probably more than me.

Rest of the work day wasn’t eventful, as I sat at my desk the rest of the afternoon fixing some issues.

At our normal quitting time, Ash lifted his head up and looked at me with that “Are we packing?” look.

WP_20160216_002 (2)

Eventually we went through our normal packing motions. First the dinochew.

WP_20160216_004 (2)

And then the ring.

WP_20160216_006 (2)

Kind of a funny on that ring. Everytime I give it to Ash to play with, I chuckle about how it looks like a fuzzy, camo, hemroid cushion. That squeeks.

You know damn well that mental image made you have an awkward smile as you tried to not think it was funny.

During our stop for gas, Ash was really interested in the car on the other side of the pump. That is of course, until I pulled my phone out.

WP_20160216_007 (2)

He then realized he could get some scritches from me while I waited for the pump.

WP_20160216_008 (2)

When we got home Ash jumped out of the car, on command of course, and then waited for the coffee thermos. He ran up to the front door and then turned to look at me, making sure I am hobbling my way up.

WP_20160216_009 (2)

I tried to get a picture of him handing the thermos to Julie at the back door, but he was so fast I didn’t get a chance.

Rest of the night was relaxing, and as Ash ate all his dinner, he got to say hello to a puppy.

Sadly, I sucked at taking pictures of it this time, so this is the best one.

WP_20160216_015 (2)

My gut was starting to act up a little. Yay, diverticulitis! So we will see how tomorrow goes.


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