Day of Ash: Slow Sunday

Ah, Sunday. The day after errands. The day after game. When I want the world to go slow and I relax.

At least, that is what I want. I rarely get what I want.

First it was crawling out of bed late, because no one set alarms.

Then rushing to setup rebuild the puppy area as they are getting bigger and need more space.

Which turned into a bunch of “How are we doing this?” along with “I need my power tools.”

That always ends up with a lot of breaks, so my back doesn’t decide to make it so I can’t move. Things have to go slow, or they go painful.

Oh, it’s garbage day as well. There is one issue with owning a house in rural Oklahoma, that is on property that is wooded, so you can’t see the house from the road. It means you have a really long gravel driveway you have to fight the garbage cans with.

The whole time, Ash just played with dogs and stared at the puppies in the temp crate.

We then moved into puppy pictures, but as Julie and I were just done with it all by this point, we only got one good shot to use.


Puppies can be found over at the ArticCross Facebook page:

Yet, it also means, no picture of Ash.

Then it was rushing to bed, which Ash liked. As it means he was finally able to pin me down so I would stop moving for awhile.

Monday will be back to work, but not as normal, as I have to make up the 4 hours we took off Friday.


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