Day of Ash: Busy Monday

The day started like any other Monday. Ash pushing under my arm to try to wake me up, and then running to try and see the puppies. He was more busy in trying to see the puppies.

He has decided that food is secondary to puppies. To the point he is eating half to three quarters of his breakfast and dinner now, and only after being told over and over to eat.

Yet, someone let him win and he still got to see puppies.

Day of Ash: Busy Monday

The day itself was fairly uneventful. Ash did his job in alerting to people coming up from behind me, as my knee hurts bad, which distracts me from my surroundings.

At one point, in the bosses office, Ash pushed me into the chair because I was standing for too long in his opinion.

Otherwise, a pretty easy day all in all.

Day of Ash: Busy Monday

It was busy for me, but all that means for Ash is a lot of laying around waiting to see if I need help.


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