servicedrunkThis is my Service Dog. There are not many like my Service Dog, and this one is mine.

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So, first let me start by saying I am a service dog handler. Well, I am in the process of training one because 3 different doctors have said to me.. “If you don’t want to be on pain meds your whole life because of your back, you need to train a dog to help you.”..

As the help I need is to carry my laptop when walking distances, and to pick things up for me off the floor, that means I need a larger breed.

So, meet Ash.

Ash at 4 months

Awwww, so cute!

Yeah, he is now. He still will be when he is upwards of 100lbs as well. He is an Akita.

Did you know there are places that ban Akitas? Yup. Cities, insurance agencies, even some states are trying to ban them. Along with pitbulls.

Why? Fear. That simple.

People who are scared, ban things they are scared of. For some, it doesn’t matter how much training one puts into the animal, the animal should not only be banned.. But destroyed.

Yes, I said destroyed. Some areas will actually take your dog away from you and destroy it.

Well, what if it’s a service animal?

Currently, the ADA and other service animal legislation does not prohibit breeds. This means if some one wants to use a Chihuahua as a service animal, as long as it performs a task, they can. This also means if some one wants to use a mixed breed junk yard dog, they can.

There are some stipulations though. It must perform a function that eases the disability. For me, as mentioned, it would be picking things up for me as well as carrying objects over distance. It must be well behaved.. Training… It must not be a nuisance through behavior or potty habits… Training..

Apparently though, there is a State Attorney who feels that the laws are moronic. Or at least, here.. Let me quote him.


“Well some moron in Congress probably wrote that law,” said Meggs

Why does he think the service dog laws are written by a moron?

“I don’t see how having a pit bull running loose with you qualifies as a service dog,” stated Meggs.


First: Running Loose – It wasn’t running loose. It was in a harness, in control of the handler, and performing it’s function.
Second: Breed – If the animal is trained, and following the regulations required, what is the issue?

Oh, but wait.. Let’s do some research on Meggs.

He laughs about rape charges.

He presses charges for posting of public information.

Ok, hold up.. I can kind of agree on the phone number of a cop not being public information.. As I can’t find many details on this one, let’s move on.

He has been accused of public corruption.

I can keep going, but I don’t think there is a point. What I am trying to show here is that, well, he is just as much of a moron as the law makers who passed the ADA.

Could the ADA laws use some basic reform.. Yup. In fact, they get that quite often.

Heck, since I did not list my source about the service animals, you can find it at the link above.

My final point. Just because you have a phobia, does not mean you have the right to hinder another persons life. I don’t like elevators, yet, I’m not pushing to ban them. Even if they have been the cause of deaths.

So, Willie.. Put your willy back in your pants, and help support those who are following the laws.


*facepalm* – Language warning for those who are at work or something.

“Silverlight has failed to surpass the popularity of Flash, but it’s nonetheless used by many users around the world, including over 40 million users of popular on-demand Internet streaming service Netflix.” – Quote from article

The article I linked, is complete fucking bullshit.

First, the title. “Netflix users are at risk.” .. So, if I don’t use Netflix, I’m ok? I don’t need to worry about it. I mean, no other company uses Silverlight, right?

Well, actually, as you can see from the quote I put above, even they say it, “used by many users around the world”. INCLUDING Netflix (on windows).

Oh, let’s ignore that Microsoft ALREADY put a patch out for this. A patch, that automatically installs if you have updates still enabled. Let’s ignore that the only way to have this effect you, is if you go to a compromised site.

What this article is doing, which it has done rather well, is using a scare tactic to drive up it’s views. Even got me to hit the site. Heck, I will flat out admit, I am piggy-backing on it with this post!

The issue is, many people don’t fucking read everything anymore. They look at the heading, a few words here and there, and then move on. I even do this.

So, reading this as one who does that, the summary of the article is that people who watch Netflix using a Silverlight browser are going to have their computer hijacked. That’s it, that’s what they are implying.

  1. Do your fucking security updates, and you will be fine.
  2. It is not Netflix that is the issue, it’s compromised websites. What the fuck are you doing going to those kind of sites anyways?
  3. If you do proper system maintenance, including virus scans and malware scans.. well.. Even if you don’t update your Silverlight browser (IE for most) with the latest security updates, your scanning software should be able to help you after the fact.

Of course, I will say it.. BACK YOUR SHIT UP!

Hmm.. I should probably do that myself..

“The vulnerability has been patched by Microsoft earlier this year, but we all know that many, many users are pretty lax when it comes to keeping their software updated. ” – Another quote

Even in their own fucked up article, they say it’s been patched. EARLIER THIS YEAR!

So, not only is this a non-issue if you are even remotely a savvy user. Not only is it NOT Netflix the cause. Yet, it has been patched, what.. IN MARCH!

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-022 – Critical
Vulnerability in Silverlight Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2814124)
Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 | Updated: Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Yup. This is over 5 months old now. Way to be current there!

I bet I could crawl through the Security Bulletins for Apple or even a Linux Distro and write up some scare tactic article that is almost half a year old.

Instead, I will just be a simple thing, much like the writer of the scare article… To rip off a quote I heard from some one else… No talent ass clown.





This is 90% true.



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