Just posted a quick rant video with my condensed version of my opinion on these days.

The ask is the big part though.



Been doing a touch of work over at my youtube channel.

Even got a rocketstove project I am working on over there.

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For that holiday spirit.

For that holiday spirit.

So, I typed up this really long rant on facebook that got a few people sending me private messages about how I needed to share it out.

Then, I got the bright idea.


So, here is my first video rant.

So, I have been streaming Elite: Dangerous for a week now, and I have to say. I’m still loving the game.

A few reasons I am enjoying it:

This is a close up of a Nav Beacon. For some reason, I seem to like to get next to these.

Nav Beacon in HIP 2441

Nav Beacon in HIP 2441







Of course, there are the shots of the sun as it comes over a planet.

I can't remember which system this was.

I can’t remember which system this was.







Then, there is the general day to day.









Yet, I did a typical thing. See, I have been bounty hunting the last few days at Nav Beacons. What this means, is I sit and wait for people who have a “Wanted” flag, and then blow their ship up so I can get some of the flag and turn it in for money. Last night, I saw a wing of three, and knew it wouldn’t be easy, yet, I took them down. While sitting there at around 50% hull, I saw another group of three. My gut said, no. My greed said, DO IT!

So, now I am 44k creds in the hole, lost all the bounty flags, and have to lose 10% of all my earnings until that 44k is paid off. They blew me up.

The joys of a space bounty hunter.


Remember, you can catch me on twitch at http://twitch.tv/thezolon . If you follow my there, it will notify you when I start streaming.



So, if you follow me at all, you know I have gotten into playing a game called Elite: Dangerous. (http://store.steampowered.com/app/359320/)

It was recently released for XBox One as well. This matters later.

A little background on the game.

  1. It’s huge. I mean, mind boggling HUGE.
  2. It’s a space simulator. You fly around in a ship. One of my favorite game styles.
  3. It has bounty hunting, smuggling, trading, mining, and exploring.. Almost a “What do I do?!”
  4. It’s an MMO. Yet, you can play in a private group where you only see those in your group and NPCs.
  5. No monthly charge. You got it. Pay once, and play until expansion.
  6. Expansion has some nice features soon.

Ok, so..

Huge. What do I mean by huge?

It is the whole universe. I mean, every discovered star in the Milky Way as well as some that we have not discovered. They are even working on other universes so you can go from one to another. (Edit: I forgot to mention, that the images are based on what NASA and other organizations have. So those updated pictures of Pluto, they are in the game now.)

That’s big. Yet, that’s still not HUGE.

When you are flying towards a planet under normal thrusters, you see a measurement. Mm. Million Meters. You spin around and target, say, another planet in the distance. You see, Ls. Light Seconds. You decide to engage your Frameshift Drive and target another solar system, and you see. Ly. Light years.

Here is where it gets huge. If it was not for the Framshift Drive, those numbers, are actual game distance. Under the distance is time to get there at current speed, and there are times it says years. Yes, years. I have personally targeted something that said it was an hour away and just kept my current speed to check. Sure enough, it took an hour to get there.


Yes, you just fly around in a ship. A lot of people don’t like that. They want to actually get out and walk around. Sadly, that is not this game. Yet, you can fly in a wing with your friends. You can work together on things even. Heck, when the expansion comes out.. getting ahead of myself.

It is an open “world”. Meaning, while there are different jobs, you are not tied to a job. You can change at anytime, if you have the credits to afford the ship build that will let you live doing it. I was an explorer as example. Yet, the latest patch messed up exploring, and while they have fixed it, I have gotten into mining. I will stick with mining for sometime, and then go back to exploring after I have enough credits to not worry.

I did do bounty hunting for sometime, and while I am decent at it, the risk is too high for me. After all, if your ship is blown up, you have to hope you have enough credits to pay the insurance bill to get one matching it. Otherwise, it’s either a loan, or you start over in the sidewinder everyone gets for free at the start.

It is a Massive Multi-player Online game. There is a decent population of people in the game even, to the point they have faction wars that actually change what solar systems are under what faction. You can even join factions, but I don’t talk about this as I have not gotten that far into it. It’s another aspect of the huge I am learning.

The nice thing I like though, as with any MMO game that is based on credits and gear, is that I can get away from those who kill for sport and just play in a private group, or even solo. What you do in that group, in solo, or even “open play” where people can hunt you down and kill you for kicks, can be moved to any of the areas. The save for your character is applied to all forms of play.

This means, what I do in solo, is automatically there in the others. You are not tied to a specific style of game play. You can do solo until you have what you think you need to survive in open play.

Back on the huge, you can also go to the fringes of space where people go all batty. There is less people, and less chance of being hunted.

No monthly charge. This is just like Guild Wars. You buy the game, not the playtime. I love this, as being in my current job stance, or lack there of, I can play a game and not feel completely guilty.

Like Guild Wars, it does have expansions and even items you can spend real money on. I don’t buy items with real money, but I will be getting the expansion.

Why will I get the expansion?

At this time, you can’t land on planets. You can’t fly a ship with your friend in the co-pilot seat. You can’t fly a carrier with other ships. Well, that last one isn’t completely true, but it’s a small carrier and the ships are sidewinders. The starting ship.

The expansion, gives us all of this, and even opens up other professions. It’s going to be amazing.

Now, they released a new patch that did introduce some bugs. Things that they are working on fixing as fast as they can.

It is expected though, as what this patch did.

They had a worldwide release of the game on the XBox One, as you could already use your XBox controller on Windows 10 to play the game, it was a natural jump. The servers, are shared.

This means, your friend who has the Mac version, and your friend who has the XBox One version, can play with you while you are on your PC.

Another amazing feature. Also, expected to introduce a few bugs as that’s a big change in the game.

So, as you know, I am doing Twitch streams. So, if you ever want to get a bit more detail, hop on over when I am live. Ask me a few questions, and I will let you know what I know. As I am still learning. Even better, if I am not “too busy”, if I don’t know, we can figure it out and you can watch what I see as we do.

Until next time.


So, there has been a change in plan.

Twitch, hands down, better for gamers. So, when I am gaming, that is where I will be.

YouTube, hands down, better for random noise. So, when I am ranting or whatever, that is where I will be.

As gaming is the primary, here is my Twitch.



Oh, here is an embedded version.

Watch live video from TheZolon on www.twitch.tv

So, I am unemployed.

Gotta love the tech market.

This means I have time to work on all my hobbies, including this site.

No, that doesn’t mean I will actually do anything, but one never knows.

For now, I am working on setting up a youtube channel, and will start doing live streams to rant, game, and just be random.

Who knows, it may even have a puppy cam at times.

You can click on this link to go check out how little I have so far, I did say it was new.


Oh, and if I get 100 subscribers, I can make that url less ugly. *hint hint*

Anyways, hope all of you in the webz are doing well.


So, Facebook has decided yet again, that I can’t go by the name everyone knows me by. The name I even get mail using. Yet, a Drag Queen can use whatever name they want.

So, if I suddenly disappear in a few days from Facebook, that is why. I will not be back. I will use site more, and will see about finding a different social network to utilize.

It’s bad enough that I can’t use this name, as I said, a name most of you know me by, and yet.. Everyday.. Facebook review lets hate, filth, and out right assault happen everyday. You report it, and it’s not against their terms, even though their terms flat out say it is.

Even though, in the news media, Facebook founder Zucker even said that we can use the name most know us by.

Guess that’s a fucking lie.

Oh, and legal alias paperwork doesn’t seem to matter either.

Fuck you facebook.

(This is being cross posted on many different sites.)

It’s been awhile, but there is a reason. Since I last posted, work has ramped up, but that was not the end all on me not posting.

GoDaddy’s mod_security kept making it so I couldn’t access my own websites.

So, we are now moving them to a new host. Of course, as a final “#$@# You!” from GoDaddy, I had to wait 90 days because of out of date information on the domains.

Finally, we are moving.